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TMS is a Publisher, therefore we understand Publisher’s needs.  

In order to understand a publisher’s business point of view, you need to be one! Our services and products are built to improve engagement and Maximize digital advertising revenue. Whether it’s new revenue streams or existing ones, our goal is to drive the best results suited for individual businesses. 


OTT\CTV App development

Your content can do more, let us get you there. Our expertise is to facilitate and expand your business to new frontier territories on the digital landscape. FAST is indeed the future


Join a unique and cutting edge marketplace, where your users get what they deserve; both non-intrusive and highly engaging ads. 

  • Direct deals – We understand that you have your own demand but as the Beatles said “a little help from your friends” will guarantee you are making the most out of your assets. Our demand is avaialble for your use to maintain high ROI, not to mention outstanding user experience and high CPMs. 
  • New revenue streams – Our goal is to make our partners the best version of themselves. By involving our team of experts, we can evaluate what else can be done in order to make sure you are taking full advantage of your business.

User Acquisition

Although many find it to be not an easy task, user acquisition is our specialty and we know how to do it right! Your business deserves more exposure – let us help you get it. 

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